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Vlog 022: Success, Failure, and Crits

August 31, 2015


So, I was asked if I could clarify a few things I said on Facebook about what constituted luck, critical success, or just hard practice and natural talent.  Here’s me talking about it for a little while.

Vlog 021: How I Would Make a Fantastic Four Movie

August 24, 2015


Every so often, I like to “Scott Things Up” a little bit.  I’ve done it for other folks’ ideas from time to time; that’s where I take an established idea and look at it through slightly different eyes and see what twist I can put on it.  Rather than talk about how bad the recent Fant4stic movie was, I figured I’d go the approach of Scotting Up the writing of a Fantastic Four movie.

Vlog 020: Writing and Chemical Assistance, with Cartoons!

August 17, 2015

m-o-d-003     m-o-d-001

Because sometimes I need to talk about things that I’m trying to do, and sometimes I try new things, and sometimes I run out of video before I run out of audio.  But hey, cartoons!

Vlog 019: My Problem with Religion

August 3, 2015

m-o-d-004     m-o-d-001

Well, that’s almost never a good sign.  Yeah, I’ve got a lot of theological baggage, and it’s time I aired some of it out.  Not meant to offend anyone, just have to talk about some of the things that have been standing on top of my brain screaming down into my mind for a while.

Vlog 018: Work Schedules and Current Events

July 27, 2015

m-o-d-001   m-o-d-005

At least there isn’t a Ranty Scott up there.  Today, I discuss the process I go through to schedule my projects, and then I teleport and talk about civility and current events.  Huzzah!

Vlog 017: Wow, It’s Hot

July 21, 2015


It’s not my usual post, but it’s super, super hot out there.

Vlog 016: Workspace, Creative Flow, and Such

July 15, 2015


Because when my back is completely out, sitting pleasantly and chatting from the Futon stops being an option.  Also, despite the fact that I’ve said I wouldn’t do it, a little Percocet, because pain.  Still… a little self-revelation is a good thing.

Vlog 015: On My RPG Design Process

July 6, 2015


“When first you set out to write a Roleplaying Game, first you must dig two graves.  No, wait…”

Vlog 014: The Elephant in the Room

June 29, 2015


I won’t do this often, but here’s a post about the state of my health and what I expect to do about it, ’cause someone’s got to.

Vlog 013: What is a “Heartbreaker” RPG, and What Can it Teach Us?

June 23, 2015


I’ve talked about what makes an RPG “Good” and/or “Bad,” but what does it take for an RPG to reach the status of “Heartbreaker,” and what can one particular Heartbreaker RPG teach us?  Brace yourselves, and let’s have a look at a game that broke my heart; Cthulutech.