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Vlog 019: My Problem with Religion

August 3, 2015

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Well, that’s almost never a good sign.  Yeah, I’ve got a lot of theological baggage, and it’s time I aired some of it out.  Not meant to offend anyone, just have to talk about some of the things that have been standing on top of my brain screaming down into my mind for a while.

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  1. jared permalink
    August 5, 2015 2:28 am

    The topic this week might be a little touchy but, honestly, I think the touchy ones are your best videos. This issue is very important to me because I am a former Christian and I completely understand what it feels like for people to think that you’ve “turned your back on god” or that you no longer have a moral compass just because you’re not a Christian anymore. When you were speaking about how the Christians in your story were basically lying to prove their side of the story, it made me think….you know, scientists are actually the complete opposite of that. Scientists do not have a problem with saying “I don’t know.” They actually welcome criticism because it helps us to understand the natural world. From what I’ve seen in my own life, Christians seem to have a huge problem with saying “I don’t know” or “You know what? Maybe I could be wrong.” They absolutely refuse to think any other way except for how they’ve been taught. It scares me to imagine a world where people were content with “God did it.” and never challenged the knowledge that they had been given. What would our world look like today?! Another thing that you touched that I thought was interesting was the meaning what a scientific theory is. A scientific theory is a fact that has been proven and peer reviewed. This is getting long lol. Great video, Scott. Like I said, I enjoy these type of videos the most because I think this is a topic that needs to be openly discussed. I’m looking forward to the next video.

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