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Vlog 028: Giant Robots and Cross Genre’ Play

October 26, 2015

m-o-d-001     m-o-d-003

So, who the Hell am I to try and write a sourcebook on Mecha?  Well, here are some bona fides.  This is something that I’ve techically been working on my entire life.

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  1. October 27, 2015 2:30 am

    Here’s an idea for a mecha-book; imagine if all parts (arms, backpacks, heads etc) where modular, and different “manufacturers” had different designs (stats) to their modules. You could combine parts on a “main frame” to customize it, or, if you want even more depth, customize the modules and/or make them compatible with manufacturers that normally would not be incompatible? Each module would need “energy” depending on what their capacity is, for example… The main point being; keep it manageable and easy to layout in a book while having lots of customization options… Just a thought! Good Luck with the book!

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