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Fan Rage Two: The Crossguard Lightsaber

April 27, 2015


I don’t think I get TOO Ranty here.  Feel perfectly free to disagree with me, though… I’ll admit I got kind of emotionally involved, here.

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  1. April 27, 2015 9:27 pm

    As far as episode 1, the only person I really liked (and had a lot of screen time) was Qui-Gon Jinn. I liked Obi-Wan, but I liked him better in the II and III. And I will be going to see Avengers on Friday..but I will probably not do the several times due to my head. I am looking forwards to seeing Black Widow kick some serious ass.

    I will admit when I first saw the dual-blade and the cross-star, I went wait..what? With the latter, I did wonder how they used it without cutting into their skin..and how do they train with them. The only problem with “You will die” is that not necessarily true. If I recall right, there are light saber resistant materials, which is covered in Star Wars the Old Republic. It follows the logic that you don’t make a weapon you don’t have a counter for. Then there is training.:)

    I think I am much too sedate for fan rage though.:) However, the developers of SW:TOR stated that Light Whips will occur over their dead body. I am sure it is possible, start off as an apprentice. Learning how to control a regular whip is one thing..but adding plasma? Ya.

  2. Wyley permalink
    April 28, 2015 10:48 am

    A bad weapon, one that your enemy is holding,
    A bad Idea, bring your fists to a Sci Fi convention, unless you are very big, very green and say smash alot.
    Worst plan ever, think you know something about fighting and then going to a fight… worse yet have a good reason to go to a fight. (Try this on for size, don’t just go to the fight, and whatever plan you had, make this plan, first you fight, then you die, make your death worth it.

    True story the worst weapon ever made.
    I had a Karate Sensi who loved knives, First he knew how to use a Gun, strange hua, He would teach us how to use knives, and the first lesson, was the rubber-band multi-fire gun, One of his black belt students came into the knife class firing away, he he
    To make this short he bought a knife, about a ten inch blade, and a handle that did not fit all four of his fingers, so he was holding the knife differently and one day he was practicing with it and he cut his palm wide open had to get stitches, so with bandaged hand he showed us at our class the knife, showed us its handle and hilt, and told us it slipped out of hs hand while practicing with it and he cut himself. Lesson, hold the knife propperly; or don’t use it not even for practice.

    Well who do you think was the first to have wanted crossguards on their swords? I believe it was Athens, or maybe Thebes (like the time of Socrates), their soldiers went to some war, and way too many men came back without thumbs. The cost to the city paying thier vetrans disablity was way too high. Sound familiar? Their swords did not have guards, the western evolution of sword guards can be seen to start there.

    Now if Jar Jar repaired the light saber handle with crossguards, and the dark seth turned it on, well I give a fifty fifty chance that there would be one less dark seth in the Star Wars universe. Everybody thnks Jar Jar is a waist. too.

    Ever heard of the Kilij? Now that would be an awsome light saber. But no it would kill the user even those fully trained in the Super Force Powers, not just the force powers.

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