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A New Idea, Starting with Three Free Products

November 30, 2013



Normally, when I put up a new RPG product for sale, I’ll post its sale page to Facebook and Google+ to get it some exposure.  This time, it’s a little different.  For one, it’s not just one product, it’s three of them.  For another, they’re absolutely free.  I am literally giving away some two hundred and twenty-eight pages in the hopes that I can encourage people to want more of what I have to offer.

The products started as an idea from a friend of mine (Lisa, to be more precise).  What if you had everything you needed to just play an RPG in one product?  Just BOOM… the characters and the adventure, right there, pick them up and go.

I did one better, and included a truncated, condensed version of the Victory System rules.  The results?  The Party Packs.





Each of them contains the condensed, truncated Victory System rules, a dozen characters, an adventure, and a fully-realized villain with his minions.  Everything is fully-compatible with the Victory System (and, therefore, also with Hot Chicks: the RPG).  For exactly zero dollars and zero cents ($0.00), one can get a taste of the Victory System, roll a d20, and beat up some bad guys.  Just add dice!

It’s my hope that people will get their taste and maybe want to do some character advancement, or get their character some different/better gear.  Maybe they’ll want to make up their own characters, or a GM will want to make up their own adventures.  There’s plenty of links to The Victory System Core Rulebook right there in the free .pdf; heck, there’s even a link to the Victory System Equipment Manual, if people want to play with modifying or creating their own gear!

As time goes on, I’ll be producing more Party Pack material based on these products (and the characters within).  These will be short little adventures with maybe a vehicle, a base, or a few gadgets to play with.  They’ll also be fairly inexpensive… I want to make a lot of them, and have people collecting them to add to their Party Pack fun.

When the bigger Campaign Setting books for the Victory System come out, the material in the Party Packs will be canon for those worlds; it’ll all build on these foundations.  You know what I like about this particular design model?

It’s like action figures.  I was a HUGE action figure collector as a kid.  I’ve collected G.I. Joe, Super Joe, Microman AND Micronauts, Big Jim, Matchbox’s MAC, and a host of others.  Heck, I still pick up the odd action figure now and then.  I think that’s where the Roleplaying Games really started for me, with the imagination play that only a good set of Action Figures can give you.  The Figures, and of course, the Accessories.

You couldn’t just get the Six Million Dollar Man figure… you needed his extra arms and legs, the space capsule that turned into a Bionic Diagnostic Center, and Maskatron, the Enemy!  Big Jim needed a big black pickup truck with a camper that turned into a secret base, and the MAC toys… well, each of those came with his own vehicle, and then there was the giant rescue truck and the Secret Mountain Training Camp.  I probably had too many toys as a kid.  I know I have too many as an adult.

That’s the spirit I’m reaching for here, I think.  Here, have some characters… your own virtual action figures!  Some of them have Kung-Fu and some of them have special guns, and there’s a Ligthsaber in there, somewhere.  Now, how about a flying boat, or a private jet, or a spaceship for them?  Maybe a hidden base with lots of secret compartments, or a set of armor and weapons that give them extra abilities?

Yes, I’m still really just a big kid, at heart; and I’m pretty sure that I’m not the only one.

So, HERE is the Fantasy Starter Party Pack...

..HERE is the Near-Modern Starter Party Pack…

…and HERE is the Space Starter Party Pack.

Grab one, or grab all three.  Try ’em out, kick the tires, pass ’em around.  Let me know what you think of them, and what you might like to see for them!  A bunch of my fans and friends told me they’d like to see books of weapons and gear… those are coming.  Oh, yes, those are coming.

And here’s where I ask for a favor.  If you like this idea, like my products, or just want to lend a hand, share this post.  Pass it around.  The more people who see it, the more people I have a chance of introducing to my game system and my products.  I don’t do a lot of marketing, but here is me giving it a try.

Thank you for your time.  Now, let’s have some fun!


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